Baby Belly 148 snowboard

Baby Belly

The “Fatty” shape of the Baby Belly serves up the same flotation as a conventional 168 cm snowboard, but is way more stable and nimble in the deeps. The lightweight, high-tech full carbon layup and unique “Fisk” profile is wicked fast, super loose, and will up your level of riding in the deepest of pow and tightest of trees.

The surf-inspired Baby Belly shape and rocker profile makes for a board that delivers ultra-responsive surfy feel as you crush the pow. The combination of Baby Belly’s unique nose shape with the flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker, baby winger shovel tail, an aggressive side-cut profile and just off-center rider stance will have you stomping any landing and slashing through the tightest of terrain with authority.


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Baby Belly Specs

Length: 148 cm
Nose: 319 mm
Waist: 268 mm
Tail: 312 mm
Sidecut: 6.4 m
Rear Foot Camber: 2.5 mm
Front Of Foot Nose Rocker: 4.5 mm
Rider Weight: 125+ lbs
Materials: Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core


PuckerFisk Profile: FiskTail, Camber, FiskNose Rocker

“The shape of this board is great for funneling snow away which aids in the overall ride. What’s nice is that it has traditional camber under the back foot to give it some spring. For those that want an American made product this deck has some nice technology and a lot of thought into how it will ride.”