The Deeps 168 snowboard

The Deeps

No better big-mountain board for the deepest of powder days. The Deeps is a lightweight and full-velocity powder hungry craft. The combination of Snöfisk’s reverse-winger swallowtail, underfoot camber and a flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker to scooped nose, deliver a smooth and stable ride while actually generating more power and speed than you have ever thought possible.

The Deeps Specs

Length: 168 cm
Nose: 315 mm
Waist: 260 mm
Tail: 301 mm
Sidecut: 8 m
Rear Foot Camber: 5 mm
Front Of Foot Nose Rocker: 7 mm
Rider Weight: 160 – 225+ lbs
Materials: Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core


The deeps profile: Reverse-Winger Swallowtail, Camber, FiskNose Rocker