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    Surf the Snow

All-Mountain Carbon Fiber Snowboards

Hand-Built in the Wasatch

Snöfisks are hard charging all-mountain/powder snowboards. They’re designed, hand-built, and ridden in the Wasatch Mountains by snowboarders with a passion for powder and large technical backcountry riding. Whether you’re dropping a first descent on a crusty chute in Alaska or riding a wide-open blower pow day up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snöfisk carbon fiber snowboards will deliver.

Snöfisk Snowboards are hatched in the Wasatch. Illustration of the American Fork Twin Peaks in the Wasatch Range


Close up of the carbon fiber layup on a SnöFisk Snowboard

Carbon POWer Construction

The high-tech biaxial and unidirectional full carbon fiber composite layup and full length wood core is not only lighter than old school fiberglass boards, it harnesses and returns more energy, making the SnöFisk “pop” and feel alive. This layup combination serves up a durable, wickedly fast and lively board that will crush any terrain you throw at it.

Image of the Hammerhead nose on a SnöFisk Snowboard

Hammerhead nose

The Snöfisk nose is where the effortless float and glide starts in our shapes. Our hammerhead nose is built for speed, giving you the float of a much longer board without the unwanted swing weight and “plowing” through the terrain, eating up your speed.

Image of the front of foot rocker on a SnöFisk Snowboard


Our hammerhead nose shape and the flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker lets you ride with solid front foot turns. You will actually generate more power and balls-out speed, giving you that high-performance surfing feel.

Image of the Jellyfish side walls on a SnöFisk Snowboard

Jellyfish Sidewalls

Core Infused Urethane Sidewall Tech delivers a silky-smooth ride, high velocity vibration dampening, and serves up unmatched durability for big mountain riding through our custom engineered urethane blend and seamless core infused construction process.