BläckFisk Splitboard


The Bläckfisk is the split version of the PuckerFisk, delivering the flotation of a conventional 178 cm snowboard into this lightweight and high-speed, pow hungry Bläckfisk. Our unique nose shape and flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker lets you ride with solid front foot turns where you will actually generate more power and insane speed, giving you that performance surfing feel. The combination of the Snöfisk FiskTail, rear back-foot camber and aggressive profile, will send you through the deepest pow and unwanted sketchy windblown crud with authority. The Snöfisk-Rocker® shape delivers.

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BläckFisk Splitboard Specs

Length: 163.5 cm
Nose: 314 mm
Waist: 263 mm
Tail: 302 mm
Sidecut: 7.8 m
Rear Foot Camber: 2.5 mm
Front Of Foot Nose Rocker: 5.7 mm
Rider Weight: 160 – 225+ lbs
Materials: Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core


PuckerFisk Profile: FiskTail, Camber, FiskNose Rocker

“This board has snap. Most traditional splits are slow or sluggish edge to edge but this board has snap, very responsive. The board weight savings due to the carbon fiber construction makes this board feel like a solid, Great Board.”

-Jamie Weeks, Professional Backcountry Snowboard Guide- Jackson, WY

Additional information

Dimensions 163.5 cm