PuckerFisk 163, 156, & 151


The Puckerfisk is our most versatile shape and crushes all terrain and snow conditions. Our unique nose shape and flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker lets you ride with solid front foot turns where you will actually generate more power and insane speed, giving you that performance surfing feel.


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Puckerfisk Powderboard Specs

163 156 151
Length: 163.5 cm 156 cm 151 cm
Nose: 314 mm 299 mm 290 mm
Waist: 263 mm 250 mm 245 mm
Tail: 302 mm 288 mm 280 mm
Sidecut: 7.8 m 7.4 m 7.0 m
Rear Foot Camber: 2.5 mm 2.6 mm 2.4 mm
Front Of Foot Nose Rocker: 5.7 mm 5.7 mm 5.4 mm
Rider Weight: 160 – 225+ lbs 120 – 175 lbs 120 – 175 lbs
Materials: Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core
Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz 6 lbs 5 oz 6 lbs 13 oz


PuckerFisk Profile: FiskTail, Camber, FiskNose Rocker

The PuckerFisk is Powwow Approved and Rated Radical

“This thing is sick and one of the best boards I have ridden at this year’s JHPowWow powder board test,  epic pow turns and rails on groomers, this board is right on target.”

-Rob Kingwell — Pro Snowboarder and founder of JH Powwow

“This board’s shape is unique and fun in snow of any variety. What I noticed the most about this board was how well it would spring out of a carve from the back foot. This is in part to the backfoot camber. Whether charging or being mellow you can initiate turns with ease.”

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163, 156, 151