The Deeps


No better big-mountain board for the deepest of powder days. The Deeps is a lightweight and full-velocity powder hungry craft. The combination of Snöfisk’s reverse-winger swallowtail, underfoot camber and a flowing early rise of the front of foot rocker to scooped nose, deliver a smooth and stable ride while actually generating more power and speed than you have ever thought possible.


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The Deeps Specs

Length: 168 cm
Nose: 315 mm
Waist: 260 mm
Tail: 301 mm
Sidecut: 8 m
Rear Foot Camber: 5 mm
Front Of Foot Nose Rocker: 7 mm
Rider Weight: 160 – 225+ lbs
Materials: Full Carbon Layup, Wood Core
Weight: 6 lbs 13 oz


The deeps profile: Reverse-Winger Swallowtail, Camber, FiskNose Rocker

“This board was so playful and fun to charge with. While being soft it never sacrificed performance when charging. For its size it was super nimble in the trees and never sacrificed its ride due to its length. Overall if you’re looking for a big powder gun this should be on the list.”

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 168 × 315 × 32 cm